... of relief.
Bodhi swings in a new year.
watercolor, ink and paper. 22"X30"

Hair Today...

... gone tomorrow.
Bodhi contemplates the end.
C. Gar reminds Bodhi of the old hippie rule "if your pony tail at the point where it's tied is less than the thickness of a pencil, time for a haircut my friend."
watercolor, ink and paper. 22"X30"

Baby Zen

Bodhi contemplates the current state of zen in the states.
C. Gar is feeling a bit jealous.
watercolor and ink on paper, 22"X30"


FUKE Confession:"To drift like clouds and flow like water."

As you already know I am a wandering unsui, "cloud and river" traveling the information superhighway.
Unsui as in "lack of a fixed abode." ~ wikipedia
A zen hobo or hododhi.
You can find me on facebook where I enjoy daily conversation with a few electronic friends.
It's been a very revealing trip along the infobahn.
I've found out if you ask enough probing questions folks will give you interesting revealing answers.
So what have I found out so far ?
Folks are very sincere about their zen/ buddhist practice. You might even say "religious".
There remains to be a great amount of "belief" in the contemporary institutional zen.
The most common american zen model is the celebrity teacher model.
Zen/Buddhist teachers are for the most part very guarded in their posts on social media.
Students have strong emotional cult like, devotional attachments to their Zen/Buddhist teachers.
Very few zen/buddhist students are knowledgeable about the history of zen/buddhism or really care about it's history.
Fantasyland is preferable to reality for many social media buddhists.
Brad Warner is maybe, the only other zen teacher on social media who is open, vulnerable and accessible.
There is a price to pay for being open,vulnerable and accessible, it's worth the price BTW.